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Start RBI Quiz of 02nd – 03rd June 2021

Q.1) What does ‘It’ refer to? 1. It is the process of locking in crypto investments on the crypto lending platform, in order to earn fixed amounts of returns based on fixed periods of time. 2. It offers Higher returns than a typical holding strategy on crypto asset.
Q.2) ZebPay has started India's first crypto lending platform through their crypto exchange app. The platform is a “first of its kind” crypto lending model in India and will allow users to lend their cryptocurrency to ZebPay, earning interest on the same. Which of the following options is incorrectly related to it?
Q.3) RBI recently imposed a monetary penalty of ₹10 crore on a Bank for contravention of provisions of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949. The bank was selling vehicle-tracking devices to its auto loan customers and thus the customers of the bank were forced to purchase a vehicle tracking device which was a possible breach of guidelines that prohibit banks from non-financial businesses. Identify the bank talked about in the case.
Q.4) SEBI recently came up with a circular stating the Listed companies to disclose loans to promoters in compliance report. Which of the following statement/s is/ are correctly related to it? 1. The listed companies need to make disclosure about loans and guarantees provided by them to promoter or any other entity controlled by them . 2. The disclosures need to be made on yearly basis in the compliance report on corporate governance. 3. The move is aimed at bringing transparency and strengthening disclosures about such loans and guarantees.
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