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Start PIB Quiz of 05th – 06th June 2021

Q.1) Which institute has declared first Standard Developing Organization (SDO) under "One Nation One Standard" mission on Bureau of Indian Standards?
Q.2) Mumbai-based start-up, Indra water has developed “Vajra Kavach”. What is it?
Q.3) The government has expanded the scope of the Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme (ECLGS). What is not correct regarding this expansion? (1) Guarantee cover is given for setting up on-site oxygen generation plants (2) Civil aviation sector is also made eligible to avail benefit of the scheme (3) Repayment tenure is expanded to 5 years
Q.4) Consider the following statements with regards to ‘Model Tenancy Act’: (1) The draft Act had been published by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs in 2019. (2) It is mandated for the states to be enacted it without any change. (3) According to the act maximum limit for security deposit for commercial purpose premise is 6 months. Which is not correct:
Q.5) The Union Government approved the signing and ratification of an Agreement on ‘Cooperation in the field of Mass Media’ between all the Member States of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). What is not correct about the cooperation area under this agreement?
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