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Start PIB Quiz of 5th – 6th May 2021

Q.1) India has signed an MoU with UK for global innovation partnership under which an e-marketplace named as ………………………. will be opened for cross border transfer of innovation. Fill the gap.
Q.2) Which section of the social security code 2020 has been notified by the ministry of labour and employment which covers applicability of Aadhar?
Q.3) Recently a new concept “Model Insurance Village” has been developed in the insurance sector to give a boost to the penetration of insurance in the rural areas. Which organization has developed this concept?
Q.4) Consider the following statements regarding data released by OECD with respect to the global FDI and identify the correct statement/s (1) The global FDI inflow has been dropped by 38% in 2020 (2) USA was the largest receiver of FDI in 2020 (3) India stood at third position in the list of FDI recipients in 2020

Start RBI Quiz of 5th – 6th May 2021

Q.1)Which of the following is a digital token, created as a fun alternative, as a satire on fraud crypto coins and unlike other digital currencies whose maximum possible number is fixed , this coin has no upper limit and is already more than 100 billion in existence?
Q.2) Identify the correct reasons behind the rising value of dogecoin. 1. Ardent support on social media platform 2. US Listing of coinbase, the virtual currency exchange 3. Falling number of investments in bitcoin
Q.3) The National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange is a commodities exchange dealing primarily in agricultural commodities in India. It was established in 2003, and its headquarters are in Mumbai. Who among the following have been appointed by NCDEX as it’s new managing director and chief executive officer for a period of five years.
Q.4) What does ‘it’ refer to? 1. It is a kind of digital bank without any branches. Rather than being physically present at a specific location, it is entirely online. 2.It’s a wide umbrella of financial service providers who provide digital and mobile-first financial solutions payments and money transfers, money lending, and more.
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