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Start PIB Quiz of 06th – 07th July 2021

Q.1) Consider the following statements with regards to Atmanirbhar Krishi APP and pick out the set of correct statements: (1) It is launched by the Office of Principal Scientific Adviser. (2) It is launched under the Kisan Mitr initiative. (3) Tech Mahindra Makers Lab team has designed this app.
Q.2) To promote ease of doing business and improve ‘Contract Enforcement Regime’ in country, ‘Enforcing Contracts Portal’ is launched by which ministry?
Q.3) Here are some highlights of the UDISE+ 2019-20 report given below. Consider the statements and pick up the accurate set out of options: (1) Total students in school education from pre-primary to higher secondary have crossed 26.45 crore. (2) Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) at all levels of school education has reduced. (3) In 2019-20, 2.57 lakh more teachers as compared to 2018-19 were engaged in school education. (4) Enrolment of Divyang students has decreased by 6.52% over 2018-19
Q.4) What is the main objective of the project ‘BOLD’ launched by the KVIC?
Q.5) Which of the following is not correct about the ‘NIPUN Bharat’ Programme?

Start RBI Quiz of 06th – 07th July 2021

Q.1) India’s current account ended in a surplus for the first time in 17 years. The current account balance recorded a surplus of 0.9 per cent of GDP In 2020-21. But Q4:2020-21 saw a current account deficit of US$ 8.1 billion. What contributed to this deficit?
Q.2) Officials from 130 countries, including G20 nations and OECD members, agreed on the broad outlines for an overhaul of rules for taxing international companies. India approved joining the OECD-G20 framework for a global minimum tax. Which of the following statements are correct with respect to the basic provisions of this deal and it’s potential impact on countries like India? 1.Global tax norms to ensure multinationals pay taxes wherever they operate and at a minimum 21% rate. 2.India and other participating nations would get greater share of profits and can seriously address the issue of cross-border profit shifting. 3.MNCs with global sales above €20 billion and profit before tax above 10% will be covered initially by the global tax.
Q.3) The RBI in its financial stability report expressed the concerns associated with big tech firms entering into financial services that can present challenges to regulators towards maintaining adequate stability and governance of ecosystem. Which of the following is not a part of 5 major Big Tech Firms?
Q.4) Which of the following is not a part of current account under Balance of Payments?
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