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Start PIB Quiz of 07th – 08th December 2021

Q.1) With which institute, National Medicinal Plants Board has signed an MoU to promote the production of quality planting material of medicinal plants?
Q.2) Name the challenge that has been launched by ministry of housing and urban affairs to harness the potential of waste management sector in India under Swachh Bharat Mission – Urban 2.0?
Q.3) With which international organization, Ministry of housing and urban affairs has signed an MoU to strengthen the waste management sector in India?
Q.4) What is the maximum limit of financial assistance that may be provided to the voluntary Buddhist and Tibetan organizations under scheme of financial assistance for development of Buddhist/Tibetan organizations?
Q.5) Consider the following statements with respect to scheme for protection and preservation of endangered languages and identify the correct statement/s (1) The scheme is being implemented by ministry of culture (2) It was launched in 2002 (3) Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysuru is the nodal agency to implement the scheme

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Start RBI Quiz of 07th – 08th December 2021

Q.1) Identify the statement incorrectly related to Infinity Forum.
Q.2). India faces the problem of rising NPA’s. Identify the reasons behind this rise. 1.Slow Growth 2.Bad lending Practices of Banks 3.Government Permissions and Foot-Dragging related to various projects for which loans are taken.
Q.3). India has taken various initiatives to address the problem of rising NPAs in India. Arrange the below mentioned initiatives in a chronological order of most latest to the oldest initiatives. 1.IBC 2.NARCL-IDRCL 3.SARFAESI Act 4.RDDBFI Act
Q.4). RBI has recently imposed restrictions on which bank for a period of six months from December 6, 2021 as per which the bank shall not, without prior approval of RBI, grant or renew any loans and advances, make any investment, incur any liability, disburse any payment, transfer or otherwise dispose of any of its properties or assets?
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Get Past Year Papers, PDFs, Mocks, Topper Strategies, Current affairs all for free Now!