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Start PIB Quiz of 07th – 08th September 2021

Q.1) With which of the following institutes of ICAR, APEDA has signed an MoU for increasing exports through quality production and processing?
Q.2) With which of the following universities, National e-governance division has signed an MoU to establish a “Cyber Lab” for ‘Online Capacity Building Programme on Cyber Law, Crime Investigation and Digital Forensics’? (1) National Law University, Delhi (2) Symbiosis Law School (3) Chandigarh Law University (4) National Law University, Kolkata (5) National Law Institute University, Bhopal
Q.3) Which of the following power companies has got Dun & Bradstreet award in the category of Best Growth Performance – Power?
Q.4) When was the MGNREGA Entitlement Awareness Week conducted by states/UTs to aware workers about their rights and entitlements under the Mahatma Gandhi NREG Act?
Q.5) Which of the following power company has laid the foundation stone for first ever Electric Vehicle Charging Station in the state of Meghalaya at its office complex?

Start RBI Quiz of 07th – 08th September 2021

Q.1) A bond is an acknowledgement of debt by a bond issuer wherein an investor lends a loan to a borrower for a fixed rate of interest with a predefined payment frequency and a maturity date on which the borrower should repay the principal. The AT-1 Bond differs from a normal bond on certain aspects. Identify the key feature of AT-1 Bond. 1.Unsecured bonds which have perpetual tenure 2.Upto 1 year maturity 3.They have call option, which can be used by the banks to buy these bonds back from investors.
Q.2) RBI has come up with the Financial Statements - Presentation and Disclosures Directions, 2021. Banks are required to disclose some information in the notes to accounts of the financial statements. Which of the following is one of those disclosures required to be made? 1.Composition of Regulatory Capital 2.Commercial Banks (excluding RRBs, LABs, and PBs) shall disclose information on their Liquidity Coverage Ratio 3.Asset Quality 4.Disclosure of penalties imposed by the Reserve Bank of India
Q.3) In addition to standalone financial statements prepared, Commercial Banks whether listed or unlisted, shall prepare and disclose Consolidated Financial Statements (CFS) as per RBI (Financial Statements - Presentation and Disclosures) Directions, 2021. This direction of CFS is not applicable to which of the following bank? 1. Regional rural Bank 2. UCBs 3. Local Area Bank
Q.4) RBI Financial Statements Directions 2021 instructs Reconciliation of Nostro account. Which of the following correctly defines NOSTRO account?
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