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Start PIB Quiz of 10th – 11th November 2021

Q.1) Consider the following statements with respect to LEADS report 2021 and identify the correct statement/s (1) Gujarat emerged as the top state in the ranking (2) First edition of LEADS report was launched in 2018 (3) Delhi emerged as top UT in the category of other UTs
Q.2) Which of the following statements is incorrect with respect to Swarnajayanti fellowship?
Q.3) Name the campaign which has been launched by department of Justice to empower people through pre-litigation advice.
Q.4) Which of the following statements is incorrect with respect to Star College Scheme?
Q.5) Consider the following statements with respect to Leadership Group for Industry transition and identify the incorrect statement/s (1) It was launched in 2018 by governments of India and Sweden (2) There are 16 member countries and 19 member companies (3) It is supported by World bank (4) Its secretariat is located in Geneva
Q.6) How many functionaries will be trained every year under the Central Sector Scheme - "In-service training and sensitization of key functionaries of Central and State Government and Local bodies” of ministry of social justice and empowerment?
Q.7) With which country’s directorate of defence, DRDO has signed an MoU to promote innovation and accelerated R&D in startups and MSMEs?

Start RBI Quiz of 10th – 11th November 2021

Q.1) Which of the following correctly states the position five years after demonetization in India? 1.Five years after the demonetisation, currency notes in circulation continue to rise to nearly 29.3 lakh crore in Oct 2021. 2.The ratio of currency in circulation as a proportion of GDPs touched a new low of 14.5% for fiscal 2020-21. 3.The government’s efforts to digitise the economy have also borne fruit taking UPI transactions to record high levels.
Q.2) Which of the following are incorrectly related to the fresh set of norms issued by the Finance Ministry to guide state-owned banks for staff accountability ? 1.The new norms have a two-tiered structure that is based on the value of the loan 2.For loans up to ₹50 lakh, staff accountability will not be examined 3.A uniform staff accountability framework for non-performing assets (NPAs) up to Rs 50 crore needs to be adopted 4.It would protect the bank staff taking bonafide business decisions from unnecessary harassment.
Q.3) Which of the following measures have been taken by RBI for better governance and supervision of banks? 1. Strengthening the assurance function by the use of audits. 2. Early Warning Systems and supervisory Stress Testing have been made an integral part of prudential supervision. 3. Banning the banks from supporting cryptocurrencies
Q.4) In which year was the SARFAESI Act passed?
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