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Start PIB Quiz of 11th – 12th April 2021

Q.1) The new DGFT ‘s Trade Facilitation App is a step in the right direction as it provides easy, omni-channel access to various trade-related processes and enquiries at the touch of a button. This app is developed by ____.
Q.2) Shantir Ogroshena 2021 – a military exercise held in Bangladesh for 10 days. ‘Shantir Ogroshena’ 2021 means:
Q.3) Minister for Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal inaugurated e-SANTA- an electronic platform to connect aqua farmers and the buyers. e-SANTA stands for Electronic Solution for Augmenting _______ Trade in Aquaculture.
Q.4) AIM, NITI Aayog and Embassy of Denmark to India signed a Statement of Intent (SoI) on April 12. The partnership would be executed through Innovation Centre Denmark (ICDK) under the Embassy of Denmark. What is the purpose/s of this partnership?
Q.5) To provide single-window access to the energy data for the country, India Energy Dashboards Version 2.0 is launched by whom?

Start RBI Quiz of 11th – 12th April 2021

Q.1) Rajan Singh is a farmer from Punjab who applied for some benefit under a government scheme but he is having difficulty in getting that benefit from the government because he does not have a bank account. All the other farmers who had an account and applied for the benefit have already received the money directly in their accounts. He is not aware about a government scheme which offers the benefit of opening the account with zero balance requirement. Which Scheme is being talked about in this very caselet?
Q.2) What does ‘It’ refer to here? 1. It is derivative contract that can help protect the investors from the risk of potential default by the borrower by swapping the credit risk with financial institutions. 2. It allows the investor to recover the money from the financial institution, offering hedging the risk, in case the borrower defaults.
 Q.3) Which of the following statement/s are correctly related to bonds? 1. Bond yields can lead to equity markets going low 2. Rising bond yields leads to lower equity valuations. 3. Higher interest rate means lesser cost of financing or taking loans. 4. Higher bond yield means lower interest rate for investors.
Q.4) The Reserve Bank of India (Digital Payment Security Controls) directions, 2021 are applicable to which of the following regulated entities?
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