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Start PIB Quiz of 11th – 12th May 2021

Q.1) Which of the following banks has organized a virtual seminar Social Infrastructure financing and use of digital technologies in collaboration with department of economic affairs?
Q.2) Recently IREDA has been conferred with the “Green Urja Award” to excel green financing. By which organization, this award has been conferred to IREDA?
Q.3) Consider the following statements regarding the PLI scheme - National Programme on Advance Chemistry Cell Battery Storage and identify the correct statement/s (1) The total outlay for the scheme is Rs.20,000 Crore (2) Each beneficiary has to ensure a minimum 60% domestic value addition at the Project level (3) It is expected that there will be Import substitution of around Rs.20,000 crore every year
Q.4) In which of the following university or institution, an oxygen park has been established using Beema Bamboo?

Start RBI Quiz of 11th – 12th May 2021

Q.1) What does ‘It’ refer to here? 1. It is a long-term strategy in which investors buy and hold a diversified mix of assets in an effort to match, not beat, the market. 2. It is thoughtful, time-honoured philosophy that believes that the stock market does experience drops and bumps, so, rather than try to outsmart it, the best course is to mirror the market in your portfolio usually with investments based on indexes of stocks and then sit back and enjoy the ride.
Q.2) Which of the following statements are correctly related to index funds? 1. An index fund is a portfolio of stocks or bonds designed to mimic the composition and performance of a financial market index. 2. They can be traded throughout the day like stocks on an exchange. 3. They can be bought and sold only for the price set at the end of the trading day.
Q.3) The concept of 'Significant Economic Presence' (SEP) was introduced in India's domestic tax law in 2018, with the intent of bringing income of non-residents operating in the online / digital space within the ambit of India-sourced income. However, the concept of SEP remained inapplicable as the thresholds for constituting SEP had not been prescribed. Through a notification dated 3 May 2021, the Government of India has prescribed the relevant thresholds for non-residents to constitute SEP in India, which will come into force from 1 April 2022. Which of the following state the correct transaction and user thresholds?
Q.4) The State Bank of India (SBI) and the European Investment Bank (EIB) have agreed to back an initiative of €100 million for new high-impact climate action and sustainability business financing. SBI and EIB will together support the new Neev Fund II that will invest up to €100 million in Indian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and provide growth and expansion capital to companies offering solutions for clean energy, electric vehicles, efficient use of raw materials, and water and circular economy projects in India. Identify the category of funds to which Neev Fund II belongs.
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