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Start RBI Quiz of 13th – 14th July 2021

Q.1) A _____ means an account opened and maintained for holding Government securities, by an entity or a person including 'a person resident outside India' with a Custodian permitted by the Reserve Bank of India.
Q.2) The National Asset Reconstruction Co. Ltd (NARCL), or the so-called bad bank, has been registered. Which of the following statements correctly states the benefits it is likely to offer? 1.Clean up India’s financial system, which is sitting on one of the biggest piles of bad assets in the world. 2.Transferring bad loans to NARCL will allow banks to cut their losses and renew lending. 3.With NARCL coming into being, the major positive feature is that it will not face the problem of aggregating debt, a problem that ARCs have been facing for long.
Q.3) Banks such as India's largest private sector bank ICICI has asked the customers remitting funds to invest abroad to give a declaration that the money will not be used to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Indian investors take foreign remittance route under LRS scheme to buy cryptocurrencies on foreign exchanges. Which of the following is incorrectly related to LRS? 1. LRS of the RBI allows resident individuals to remit a certain amount of money during a financial year to another country for investment and expenditure. 2. According to the prevailing regulations, resident individuals may remit up to $200,000 per financial year. 3.This money can’t be used for paying expenses related to travelling, medical treatment and for gifts and donations.
Q.4) Retail Direct scheme has now been issued by RBI as a one-stop solution to facilitate investment in Government Securities by individual investors. Retail investors will have the facility to open and maintain the ‘Retail Direct Gilt Account’ with RBI.RDG Account can be opened through an ‘Online portal’ provided for the purpose of the scheme. Which of the following service is/ are not provided to Registered investors through this online portal? 1.Account Statement 2.Nomination, Pledge and Lien Facility 3.Gift transactions 4.eGrievance redressal

Start PIB Quiz of 13th – 14th July 2021

Q.1) Which organization/association has agreed to STI led Innovation Cooperation Action Plan proposed by India?
Q.2) The Union Cabinet has approved ‘India COVID-19 Emergency Response & Health System Preparedness Package: Phase-II’ amounting to Rs. 23,123 crores for FY 2021-22. It is a –
Q.3) With regards to the modification approved in the ‘Agriculture Infrastructure Fund’ by the Union Cabinet, mark the correct set out of options? (1) extension up to 2032-33 (2) extension in the number of locations for interest subvention (3) extension in repayment period from 4 to 6 years Options:
Q.4) Which two countries are involved in the rail cargo agreement to get it boost, recently in news in the month of July 2021?
Q.5) While keeping in mind ‘Liquefied Natural Gas’, identify the incorrect statement:
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