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Start PIB Quiz of 13th – 14th May 2021

Q.) Consider the following statements regarding Special Window for Affordable & Mid-Income Housing (SWAMIH) fund and identify the incorrect statement/s (1) It was announced in 2015 along with PM Awas Yojana – Urban (2) Its initial corpus was Rs.50000 Crore (3) It is an Alternative Investment Fund
Q.2) Consider the following statements regarding Inclusive Internet Index 2021 and identify the correct statement/s. (1) The top three countries are USA, Japan and France (2) The report has been released by World Economic Forum in association with Facebook (3) The report is based on five parameters
Q.3) Consider the following statements regarding the World Economic Situation and prospects mid-year report of UN and identify the correct statement/s (1) The report forecasted India’s GDP growth to 7.5% in 2021 (2) The global economy is projected to expand by 5.4% in 2021 (3) In 2022, India will be fastest-growing major economies of the world with GDP growth of 10.1%
Q.4) Consider the following statements regarding the report on power generation released by Council on Energy, Environment and Water – Centre for Energy Finance and identify the incorrect statement/s. (1) India produced 14.1GW power generation capacity in 2020-21 (2) India’s total power generation was increased by 1.3% in FY 21 (3) The share of RE in the overall energy sector was 12.1% in FY 21

Start RBI Quiz of 13th – 14th May 2021

Q.1) RBI has reviewed and revised the existing guidelines on appointment of Scheduled Private Sector Banks as Agency Banks of RBI for conduct of government business. Which of the following statements correctly relates to these guidelines? 1. Existing private sector agency banks with whom the RBI already has agency banking agreement and who are authorised to do government agency business require fresh approval from RBI to continue this business. 2. Scheduled private sector banks, not having agency banking agreement with RBI, but intend to handle Government agency business, may be appointed as agents of RBI upon execution of an agreement with RBI. 3. Banks seeking fresh approval from RBI for government agency businesses should be healthy and are not under the prompt corrective action framework.
Q.2) RBI has made amendments to the directions on KYC to further leverage the ________ Process and to simplify and rationalise the process of periodic updation of KYC. The process is an alternate method of customer identification with facial recognition and customer due diligence by an authorised official of the Regulated entities by undertaking seamless, secure, live, informed-consent based audio-visual interaction with the customer to obtain identification information required.
Q.3) What does ‘It’ refer to ? 1. It is the proposed bad bank for taking over stressed assets of lenders. 2. Padmakumar M Nair, chief general manager of stressed assets resolution group at SBI, will be the CEO who will head it.
Q.4) SEBI has come up with alternative investment funds second amendment regulations, 2021. These regulations are likely to impact PE and VC funds that are registered under the alternate investment funds I and II categories and hedge funds registered under AIF category III in India. Which of the following options correctly states these regulations?
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