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Start PIB Quiz of 14th – 15th November 2021

Q.1) Consider the following statements with respect to MP local area development scheme and identify the correct statement/s (1) The scheme is being implemented by ministry of rural development (2) It has been continued till FY 2025-26 (3) For the remaining period of FY 2021-22, Rs.3 Crore per MP will be released as MPLADS funds. (4) Total outlay from 2021-22 to 2025-26 is Rs.17417 Crore
Q.2) As per Reservation norms for Jute Packaging Materials under JPM act 1987, how much percentage of foodgrains should be packed in Jute bags?
Q.3) How many villages will be adopted by All India Coordinated Research Project on Women in Agriculture and ICAR – Central Institute for women in agriculture under Nutrition Smart Village Program?
Q.4) Basmati export development foundation in collaboration with which organization has organized 75 awareness cum training programmes for farmers in 7 basmati growing states/UTs?
Q.5) With which state government, Department of administrative reforms and public grievances has organized a regional conference on the theme “Strengthening the State Institutes of Public Administration”?
Q.6) Which mission has been launched by Dr. Jitendra Singh during COP 26 under mission innovation for providing support to start-ups to accelerate innovation in renewable fuels, chemicals, and materials for a low-carbon future?
Q.7) Name the portal launched by government of India for electric vehicles at COP 26.
Q.8) Which life insurance company has partnered with India Post Payment Bank for offering term and annuity products to customers?

Start RBI Quiz of 14th – 15th November 2021

Q.1) Which two people centric schemes were virtually launched by the Prime Minister on 12th Nov 2021 with an aim expand the scope of investment in the country and make access to capital markets easier and more secure for investors?
Q.2) Which of the following is incorrect in relation to the Integrated Ombudsman Scheme? 1.The Scheme integrates the existing three Ombudsman schemes of RBI 2.The scheme is based on 'One Nation-One Ombudsman’ with one portal, one email, and one address for the customers to lodge their complaints. 3.A Centralised Receipt and Processing Centre has been set up at RBI, New Delhi for receipt and initial processing of physical and email complaints in any language.
Q.3) Which of the following is not a reason behind the rise in Inflation in US to a 30 year high in Nov 2021? 1.unexpectedly fast pandemic recovery led all-round demand from consumers 2.high demand from consumers flush with cash 3.Companies letting go off the employees and sharply curtailed production
Q.4) What is the fullform of NDS-OM, which is RBI’s electronic, screen based, anonymous, order driven trading system for dealing in Government securities in the secondary market?
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