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Start PIB Quiz of 15th – 16th April 2021

Q.1) Out of the following, select the correct statement regarding ‘MANAS’ app: 1) It is launched by the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India. 2) MANAS stands for ‘Mental Health and Normalcy All being System’. 3) The initial version will be focusing on the age group 15-40. 4) It is jointly executed by AFMC, NIMHANS, and C-DAC.
Q.2) The United Nations Secretary General has called for the first ever UN Food Systems Summit to be held in September 2021. What is not one of the correct action- tracks the summit will be focused on?
Q.3) What is not correct about the National Start-up Advisory Council (NSAC)?
Q.4) The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has inaugurated some new initiatives/services of National Internet Exchange of India to facilitate adoption of IPv6 and create an environment to ensure smooth transition from IPv4 to IPv6. Which is/are not included in the list? 1) IP Guru 2) NIXI Academy 3) NIXI-IP-INDEX 4) IP Gyan 5) NIXI talent
Q.5) _________ is envisioned as a competition among cities to recognize their efforts in adopting and scaling up various initiatives under ‘Eat Right India’.

Start RBI Quiz of 15th – 16th April 2021

Q.1) What does ‘It’ refer to here? 1. It is the framework under which banks with weak financial metrics are put under watch by the RBI to Assess, Monitor and Control the banks 2. It is an early intervention package or resolution guideline by the RBI when a bank turns weak in terms of some identified indicators.
Q.2) Which of the following statement/s are correctly related to Prompt Corrective Action Framework of India? 1. Capital, Asset quality, Profitability and Leverage are the parameters for Prompt corrective action. 2. Net Non-performing Advances (NNPA) Ratio is the indicator of profitability parameter under PCA. 3. CRAR and CET 1 Ratio are the indicators used to assess Capital adequacy. 4. The PCA framework is applicable only to commercial banks.
Q.3) Which of the following statement/s is incorrect about trigger points under PCA framework? 1.The Risk threshold 1 in case of breach of CRAR+ Capital Conservation Buffer is having a CRAR less than 10.875% but more than or equal to 8.375%. 2.The Risk threshold 2 in case of breach of Common Equity Tier 1 + Capital Conservation Buffer less than 8.375% but more than or equal to 6.875%. 3.The Risk threshold 3 in case of breach of Common Equity Tier 1 + Capital Conservation Buffer less than 6.875% but more than or equal to 5.375%.
Q.4) Which of the following banks are under Prompt Corrective action framework as per 2020 reporting?
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