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Start PIB Quiz of 15th – 16th July 2021

Q.1) While keeping in mind ‘India Smart cities Award 2020’, select the incorrect statement: (1) Uttar Pradesh emerged on the top among all states for overall development. (2) Indore and Jabalpur won the award (first) jointly for their overall development. (3) Chandigarh bagged the award for union territories. (4) Additional parameter of sustainable business model for COVID-19 management is added.
Q.2) The Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS) for Development of Infrastructure Facilities for Judiciary has been approved for continuation by the Central govt that is in operation since when?
Q.3) What is not one of the objectives of setting up and operating an international trade finance services platform (ITFS)?
Q.4) Where NTPC Renewable Energy Ltd will set up the country’s first green Hydrogen Mobility project?
Q.5) Which country becomes the first country in our immediate neighbourhood to accept mobile based payments through the BHIM App?

Start RBI Quiz of 15th – 16th July 2021

Q.1) The Reserve Bank of India has barred global card player Mastercard from onboarding new domestic customers on its network over non-compliance of certain RBI guidelines. Which of the following correctly states those guidelines?
Q.2) Bhutan is the first country to adopt UPI standards for its Quick Response (QR) code. It will also become the only country to both issue and accept RuPay cards as well as accept BHIM-UPI. Identify the correct statements in this regard. 1. The payment system was launched by NPCI International Payments Ltd. (NIPL), the international arm of National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI), in partnership with the Royal Monetary Authority (RMA) of Bhutan. 2. The initiative will benefit a large number of tourists and businessmen from India who travel to Bhutan by easing their travelling through cashless transactions. 3. RuPay is an instant real-time payment system, allowing users to transfer money on a real-time basis, across multiple bank accounts without disclosing details of one’s bank account to the other party.
Q.3) Initial Public Offering is a process in which a privately held organisation makes the shares of the firm available to the general public for purchase. Which of the following is correctly related to IPO share allocation in India? 1.Firms that have had three straight years of profit must allot 75% of the share sale to QIBs, 10% to retail investors and 15% to HNIs. 2. If the total number of bids made by the applicants is less than or equal to the number of shares being offered, then complete allotment of stocks will take place. 3. In the case where there is such an oversubscription that even one lot cannot be allotted to every applicant, then allotment takes places via lucky draw.
Q.4) Identify the incorrect statement.
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