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Start PIB Quiz of 16th – 17th September 2021

Q.1) Union Ministry of agriculture and farmer’s welfare has signed 5 MoUs with private companies for modernization of agriculture by infusing technologies, thereby increasing the farmer’s income. With which of the following companies the MoU has not been signed?
Q.2) Department of Computer Science and Engineering of which IIT has launched project udaan which will enable translation of textbooks of engineering and other higher learning streams from English to Hindi and all Indian languages?
Q.3) How much amount has been provided by ministry of rural development as Community Enterprise Fund Loan for starting micro-enterprises in villages?
Q.4) Consider the following statements with respect to PLI Scheme for Auto industry and identify the correct statement/s (1) It has been launched with two components (2) Champion OEM Incentive Scheme is applicable on Advanced Automotive Technology components of vehicles (3) The scheme will attract Rs.42500 Crore investments over a period of 5 years
Q.5) Which campaign has been launched by NITI Aayog in collaboration with RMI and RMI India to accelerate adoption of electric vehicles in urban areas?

Start RBI Quiz of 16th – 17th September 2021

Q.1) Identify the statements correctly related to AePS Fraud Liability Guidelines. 1.The Ministry of Finance has introduced these guidelines 2.AePS is a bank led model which allows online interoperable financial inclusion transaction at PoS (MicroATM) through the Business correspondent of any bank using the Aadhaar authentication. 3.These guidelines for banks aim to redress frauds on customers and merchants where a misuse or an error in biometric data on AEPS have led to a loss of funds.
Q.2) Which regulatory body has issued revised guidelines for trade credit insurance that shall come into force with effect from 1st November, 2021 and improve economic stability by addressing trade losses due to payment risks by offering trade credit insurance?
Q.3) Retail inflation based on Consumer Price Index eased to a four-month low in August due to moderation in food prices along with a high base effect. Wholesale inflation rose marginally due to rise in prices of non-food articles, mineral oils, crude petroleum and natural gas, manufactured products like basic metals, food products, textiles, chemicals and chemical products. Identify the inflation rates for the month of August.
Q.4) The government has appointed 10 top global and Indian merchant banks to manage the initial public offer of Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India. These merchant banks will form a syndicate and advise DIPAM on the timing and floor price for the IPO, as per the terms in the request for proposal. Which of the following is not one of those 10 merchant banks? 1.Goldman Sachs (India) Securities 2.Axis Capital 3.JP Morgan India 4.ICICI Securities
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