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Start PIB Quiz of 17th – 18th April 2021

Q.1) Following are the objectives of ‘Gender Samvaad’ organized by the Ministry of Rural Development; EXCEPT-
Q.2) Under Atmanirbhar Bharat 3.0 Mission ‘COVID Suraksha’ was announced by the Ministry of Science and Technology. What is the purpose of the move?
Q.3) Consider the following statements regarding ‘National climate vulnerability assessment report’ released in April 2021- Which statement is not correct?
Q.4) According to the National climate vulnerability assessment report released by the Department of Science and Technology, which is/are correct regarding climate vulnerability?
Q.5) Ministry of Commerce & Industry launched ‘the Startup India Seed Fund Scheme’ (SISFS). Which is not correct about the fund distribution process?

Start RBI Quiz of 17th – 18th April 2021

Q.1) What does ‘It’ refer to here? 1. It is the macroeconomic policy laid down by the central bank which involves management of money supply to achieve macroeconomic objectives. 2. It involves the use of monetary interest rates, money supply and availability of credit, with a view to achieving the objectives of price stability, economic growth and financial stability.
Q.2) Which of the following is not a monetary policy instrument?
Q.3) Which of the following statement is/are correct about Monetary Policy Types?
Q.4) Abhinav deposits Rs 10,000 with the HDFC bank. It increases the deposits of the bank by Rs 10,000. But the bank cannot use this entire amount for lending or performing other financial activities. It will have to hold Rs 900 cash with the central bank. This means that the commercial bank will be able to use only Rs 9100 for investments and/or lending or credit purpose. That means 9% amount is to be held with the central bank acting as cushion a for the bank, disallowing the bank from lending entire deposits and thereby protecting it against situations of bank run.Which Monetary Policy instrument is being talked about in this very case?
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