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Start PIB Quiz of 19th – 20th May 2021

Q.1) How many sites are added to India’s tentative list of UNESCO world heritage sites?
Q.2) Consider the following statements regarding One Stop Centre scheme and identify the incorrect statement/s (1) The scheme is being implemented since 2015 (2) 100% financial assistance is provided by central government through Nirbhaya fund (3) All women including girls below 18 years of age are in the target group
Q.3) Sh. Narendra Singh Tomar has launched National Mobile Monitoring Software (NMMS) app and Area Officer Monitoring app. For which scheme NMMS has been launched?
Q.4) A new study has been conducted by ………………. And ……………… which says long working hours are purring more people at risk of work-related disability and early death due to stroke and heart diseases. Fill the gap.

Start RBI Quiz of 19th – 20th May2021

Q.1) The interplay of two RBI regulations has led to new complexities in auditing core investment companies. One of them is Holding companies of large corporate entities are now categorised as deemed NBFCs even if they do not indulge in borrowing or lending. Identify the other from the options given below.
Q.2) Which of the following statements correctly states the current position of NBFCs and their asset quality after RBIs effort of version 2.0 of the resolution framework for borrowers. 1.Due to the second wave of pandemic, non-bank lenders have seen a 50% rise in customers missing payments in the first 15 days of May, threatening to push up overall defaults. 2.Although RBI is helping out by providing an option to restructure the loans but these NBFCs can’t risk their staff and tell them to do recast related documentation by visiting the customers because of which the NBFCs loan defaults are rising. 3.Among the sectors that NBFCs lend to, the industrial sector, particularly micro and small and large industries was least hit by the pandemic and thus the loans to such sector has least defaulters.
Q.3) Wholesale price index based inflation rose to 10.49% in April compared with 7.39% in the preceding month. WPI climbing to an 11-year high of 10.49 per cent in April is a major upside surprise, and it is the first time that WPI has been in double digits in almost a decade. Which of the following factors have not impacted this rising WPI? 1.Rising prices of basic metals 2.Rising prices of Perishable food products 3.Rising prices of fuel, oil , manufactured items 4.Rising Wholesale inflation in paddy, cereals, wheat, onion, and pulses
Q.4) The US has been pushing for global unity to stop MNCs from exploiting tax gaps across the world. The Biden administration has floated a compromise proposal to counterparts around the world that would apply a new international tax code. Which of the following statements correctly mentions the objectives that the global tax could serve? 1.Bridge the government deficits by raising tax revenues in the years ahead 2.Help break the mould of tax avoidance and profit-shifting. 3.Help essentially provide a tool, a sovereign right that countries could use to push tax policies that suit them.
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