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Start PIB Quiz of 19th – 20th October 2021

Q.1) In which of the following municipal corporations, union minister of information and broadcasting has launched MyParkings app?
Q.2) Which of the following oil companies has launched UFill technology to provide hassle-free experience of fueling?
Q.3) Which of the following statements is incorrect with respect to Rail Kaushal Vikas Yojana?
Q.4) Which of the following ministries has organized Food tech summit 2021 on the occasion of world food day?
Q.5) How much amount of insurance is provided to a worker registered on e-Shram portal, if he/she died due to an accident?

Start RBI Quiz of 19th – 20th October 2021

Q.1) Identify the concept. It refers to the ability to convert domestic currency into foreign currencies and vice versa to make payments for capital account balance of payments transactions.
Q.2) Identify the incorrect statement on BOP. 1.BOP is a record of all economic transactions of a country with the rest of the world during a defined period 2. BOP transactions are broadly divided into two heads – current account and capital account 3. BOP Capital account covers exports and imports of goods and services, factor income and unilateral transfers.
Q.3) Which of the following principles should be kept in mind while designing the policy and structure for Central Bank Digital Currencies? 1. Monetary and financial stability 2. Cross-border functionality 3. Operational resilience and cyber security 4. Financial inclusion
Q.4) ________________ refers to ‘the spread of market disturbances – mostly on the downside from one country to the other, a process observed through co-movements in exchange rates, stock prices, sovereign spreads, and capital flows.
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