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Start PIB Quiz of 20th-21st July 2021

Q.1) Which ministry is /are involved in School Innovation Ambassador Training Program?
Q.2) What are three J’s of “COVID Teeka Sang Surakshit Van, Dhan aur Uddyam” Campaign among the following? (1) Jeevan (2) Jeevika (3) Jaagrookta (4) Janta (5) Janhit
Q.3) What is the objective of the Digital Platform 'Kisan Sarathi', launched by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare?
Q.4) Which ministry has launched first AI-based system CPGRAMS, developed to improve grievance redressal?
Q.5) Which of the following provisions is/are NOT CORRECT under the ‘Draft of ‘Drone Rules 2021’? (1) It would replace the existing Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Rules, notified in March 2021. (2) Maximum penalty under Drone Rules, 2021 reduced to INR 50,000. (3) Coverage of drones increased from 300 kg to 600 kg. (4) No flight permission required up to 400 feet in green zones. (5) No flight permission required up to 200 feet in the area between 8 and 12 km from the airport perimeter. Options:

Start RBI Quiz of 20th-21st July 2021

Q.1)What does ‘It’ refer to? 1.It is an anti-dilution technique which helps funds manage liquidity risks by effectively passing on the transaction cost to the stakeholders associated with that activity. 2.Its goal is to protect long-term investors from costs triggered by short-term investors, protecting them from dilution effects of subscriptions and redemptions.
Q.2) Identify the statements correctly related to Mutual Funds. 1.A mutual fund is a type of financial vehicle made up of a pool of money collected from many investors to invest in securities. 2. SIP represents the market value per share for a particular mutual fund. 3. In a close-ended mutual fund, an investor can invest or enter and redeem or exit at any point of time.
Q.3) SEBI proposed to introduce a swing-pricing mechanism to protect mutual fund investors. Identify the statement incorrectly related to this proposal. 1.SEBI proposed the swing pricing mechanism for mutual funds to prevent the collapse in a scheme’s net asset value (NAV) at times of investor exodus. 2.Proposal talks about a mechanism that imposes certain costs on exiting investors while incentivizing entering. 3.Swing pricing shall be made applicable to all unitholders with an exemption for redemptions upto Rs 5 lakh for all unitholders at mutual fund level .
Q.4) SEBI has introduced the expected loss-based rating scale for credit rating agencies. The new scale will be used by the credit rating agencies for ratings of projects or instruments associated with infrastructure sector to begin with. The expected loss-based rating is divided into a scale of different levels. Which level of Expected loss is indicated by EL 5 Rating symbol?
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