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Start PIB Quiz of 23rd – 24th August 2021

Q.1) Mines Ministry adopts Scheme for Accreditation of Private Exploration Agencies for undertaking prospecting operations of Minerals. What is NOT one of the benefits of this move?
Q.2) Who launched the pilot run/soft launch of the International Bullion Exchange?
Q.3) What is Kigali Amendment for?
Q.4) Three online applications were inaugurated by Ministry of Science & Technology for making geospatial data collected by government freely and easily available to citizens and organizations in India for the first time. Among the following which is not one of them? (1) GEO Spatial Data Dissemination Portal (2) SARTHI (3) PARYEVEKSHAK (4) MANCHITRAN
Q.5) Which statement is not correct according to the Fourth Advance Estimate of production of major agricultural crops for 2020-21, released by the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare?

Start RBI Quiz of 23rd – 24th August 2021

Q.1) RBI has come up with Safe Deposit Locker / Safe Custody Article Facility Revised Instructions that shall come into force with effect from January 1, 2022. These Directions are not applicable to which of the following entities?
Q.2) What is the Time limit for settlement of claims in respect of deceased locker hirers to survivor(s) / nominee(s) in case of death of a Customer as per RBI’s latest locker management norms?
Q.3) In which of the following cases is the bank not liable to compensate the safe deposit locker customers? 1.Fire 2.Robbery 3.Earthquake 4.Building Collapse
Q.4) According to the latest RBI directions on locker management, the banks are liable to compensate the customers in certain cases. What is the amount that needs to be compensated to the customers in such cases?
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