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Start PIB Quiz of 25th – 26th June 2021

Q.1) Consider the following statements with regards to ‘Tax Inspectors Without Borders (TIWB) programme’: (1) It is a joint initiative of UNDP and OECD. (2) The objective of the TIWB Initiative is to enable sharing of tax audit knowledge and skills in developing countries. (3) It is a joint initiative of UNDP and World bank. Which is/are incorrect?
Q.2) The Ministry of Tribal Affairs and the National Council of Educational Research and Training recently collaborated on a joint mission for the ________ capacity-building programme for Eklavya school- teachers and principals.
Q.3) The Union Cabinet has approved an agreement between the Republic of India and Saint Vincent and The Grenadines with respect to taxes. What are the provisions and purposes of the agreement?
Q.4) With which tech giant, ministry of agriculture has signed an MoU for implementation of Agristack?

Start RBI Quiz of 25th – 26th June 2021

Q.1) Which of the following correctly states what happened during taper tantrum situation of 2013 ?
Q.2) SBI General Insurance signed an agreement with IDFC FIRST Bank, for distribution of non-life insurance solutions. Under this strategic agreement, SBI General Insurance will offer insurance products such as: Health, Personal Accident, Home, Motor, Travel along with the commercial line of insurance products such as Property, Marine and Engineering Insurance, to the Bank’s customers. Identify the concept discussed in the above case.
Q.3) Identify the concept discussed in the below mentioned case. Araj purchases the stock A priced at Rs 1500 from spot market and simultaneously sells it for Rs 1520 in the forward market thereby reaping a profit of Rs.20. He tried to take the advantage of short-lived variations in the price of identical financial instruments in different markets.
Q.4) Which of the following statements are correctly related to arbitrage funds. 1. Arbitrage fund is a type of equity-oriented hybrid mutual fund which makes a profit out of the difference in pricing of securities in two different markets. 2. Volatile markets are not ideal for investors interested in arbitrage funds 3. Arbitrage funds are best suited for investors who are high-risk takers.
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