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Start PIB Quiz of 25th – 26th May 2021

Q.1) Consider the following statements regarding ACCR portal and AYUSH Sanjivani App and identify the correct statement/s (1) The portal will help in collection of data regarding support provided by AYUSH in COVID 19 (2) The app generates data on usage of AYUSH measures in the country (3) It is the 4th version of AYUSH sanjivani app
Q.2) How much additional amount will be provided by central government to states for providing monetary assistance to 11.8Crore students under Mid-Day meal scheme?
Q.3) Consider the following statements regarding the Mid-Day Meal scheme and identify the incorrect statement/s (1) It was launched in 1995 (2) The implementing ministry is ministry of food, consumer affairs and public distribution (3) It is a 100% centrally sponsored scheme. (4) All children from classes 1st to 8th are provided support under the scheme (5) Uttar Pradesh was the first state to implement the scheme
Q.4) Which of the following statements regarding provision related to migrant workers in India is/are incorrect? (1) A database of migrant workers is being constructed under section 112 of code on occupational health, safety and working condition (2) Section 112 of Social Security code 2020 provides for registration of unorganized workers, gig workers and platform workers (3) All establishment hiring inter-state migrants should be registered under Inter-state migrant workmen act 1979

Start RBI Quiz of 25th – 26th May 2021

Q.1)Which of the following statements are correctly related to the RBI’s initiative of setting up Innovative Hub? 1.RBI launched this hub in November 2020. 2.RBI appointed Rajesh Bansal as the first chairman of the RBIH. 3.It’s objective was to test potential new capabilities, opportunities in technology and leverage on the same to create viable products or services and enable their adoption for wider reach and greater impact across the country
Q.2) What does ‘It’ refer to? 1.It is the Group constituted by Reserve Bank of India under its Department of Economic and Policy Research. 2. It was set up to undertake quick and effective policy-oriented research backed by strong analytical and empirical basis, on subjects of current interest.
Q.3) The Reserve Bank has decided that it will consider amalgamation of District Central Co-operative Banks (DCCBs) with State Cooperative Banks (StCBs) subject to various conditions. Which of the following options correctly relates to these RBI guidelines of amalgamation of DCCBs with the StCB?
Q.4) The co-operative banking structure in India comprises two main components: Urban co-operative banks and Rural co-operative credit institutions. While urban co-operative banks have a single tier structure, rural cooperatives have a complex structure. Which of the following does not form a part of the Rural co-operative credit institutions? 1. District central co-operative banks 2. State co-operative banks 3. State co-operative agriculture and rural development banks
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