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Start PIB Quiz of 27th – 28th December 2021

Q.1) Consider the following statements with respect to good governance index 2021 and identify the correct statement/s (1) It has been prepared by department of administrative reforms and public grievances (2) Its first edition was launched in 2020 (3) Among the other states-group A, Maharashtra has topped the index (4) The index has 58 indicators
Q.2) Name the resource book on Van Dhan yojana launched by ministry of tribal affairs.
Q.3) With which of the following institutes, National Mission for Clean Ganga has launched first of its kind centre of excellence on water reuse in New Delhi?
Q.4) For which state, government of India through ministry of AYUSH, has released Rs.553.36 Crore for various initiatives to push healthcare facilities in the state under National AYUSH mission?
Q.5) Which power PSU has signed a loan agreement worth $169.5 million with KfW development bank to finance power and renewable energy projects?
Q.6) With which international bank, government of India has signed a loan agreement worth Euro 250 million for Agra metro project?

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Start RBI Quiz of 27th – 28th December 2021

Q.1) The National Stock Exchange has launched a new corporate governance initiative ________. It is a framework that prescribes higher standards of corporate governance for listed companies than those required by regulations.
Q.2) Identify the correct statements 1.Currency depreciation is a fall in the value of a currency. 2.Earlier USD 1 = Rs. 70, now USD 1 = Rs. 65, imply that the rupee has depreciated relative to the dollar 3.Depreciation occurs when a country’s central bank makes a conscious decision to lower its exchange rate 4.Weaker currency support exports
Q.3) The US Federal Reserve has decided to speed up its taper timeline, an outcome of higher inflation. In which of the following ways can it impact India? 1.Net foreign investment outflows from India 2.Rupee depreciation 3.High Inflation
Q.4) The International Financial Services Centres Authority (IFSCA) has set up a committee for creating a framework for transfer of stressed loans from domestic lenders to financial institutions in IFSC. Who would be chairing the committee?
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Get Past Year Papers, PDFs, Mocks, Topper Strategies, Current affairs all for free Now!