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Start PIB Quiz of 29th – 30th August 2021

Q.1) Which SDGs have been excluded while preparing NER SDG district Index by NITI Ayog? (1) SDG 14 (2) SDG 12 (3) SDG 17 (4) SDG 2 Options:
Q.2) What is not correct with respect of overall results and findings of North Eastern Region District SDG Index released by NITI Ayog? (1) West Tripura tops the index. (2) All districts in Sikkim and Mizoram fall in the Front Runner category. (3) Mon (Arunachal Praesh) is at the bottom of the index. (4) Total 110 districts have been considered for ranking. Options:
Q.3) Which is/are the new theme(s) included in the EASE 4.0 – 4th edition of the Public Sector Bank (PSB) Reforms Agenda for 2021-22, unveiled by the Ministry of Finance? (1) New Age 24x7 banking with resilient technology (2) Smart lending for inspiring India (3) Collaborative banking for synergistic outcomes Options:
Q.4) What is the objective of 100 days ‘SUJALAM’ Campaign?
Q.5) Who will not benefited from e-Shram portal?

Start RBI Quiz of 29th – 30th August 2021

Q.1) Recently, the Union Finance Minister undertook the annual performance review of the public sector banks (PSBs) and launched the EASE 4.0 agenda. Identify the statements correctly related to this. EASE stands for Efficiency, Accessibility, Simplification and Excellence Agenda EASE 4.0 commits PSBs to tech-enabled, simplified and collaborative banking to further the agenda of customer-centric digital transformation. Smart Lending, 24*7 Banking and Tech-enabled easy banking services are some of EASE 4.O Initiatives
Q.2) Freo has tied up with Equitas Small Finance Bank to launch zero-balance savings account that will offer a 7% interest rate on a minimum balance of ₹1 lakh that will allow customers to make informed financial decisions and strengthen their credit profile in the process. Entities like Freo are essentially tech platforms premised on the idea of banking without physical branches. These players partner with traditional banks and offer better solutions by using technology such as using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Identify the concept discussed in the above case.
Q.3) RBI released the report of the Expert Committee formulated under the chairmanship of former RBI deputy governor N.S. Vishwanathan on Primary Urban Co-operative Banks (UCBs).Identify the incorrect statement in this regard The committee has suggested a four-tier structure for the urban cooperative banks (UCBs) depending upon the deposits. RBI can prepare scheme of compulsory amalgamation or reconstruction of UCB when the required voluntary actions are not forthcoming The Supervisory Action Framework (SAF) should follow one-indicator approach to consider only asset quality measured through NNPA instead of twin indicators at present to ensure time bound remedy to the financial stress of banks.
Q.4) Which of these is a Neobank?
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