Eight railway services are merged 

🗓️ 27th December 2019

Union Cabinet has approved the reforms into the management of railways.  

Reforms are: 

  • The merger of 8 “Group A” services: The services of Group A cadre are being merged to bring effectiveness in the management and to also to end ‘departmentalism’.
  • Now, a new service has been created which is named as the “Indian Railway Management Service”.
  • The eight services that are being merged are traffic, accounts, personnel, engineering, stores, electrical engineering, signal engineering, and mechanical engineering. IRTS (Indian railway traffic service), IRPS (Indian railway personnel service), IRAS (Indian railway account service), IRSE (Indian railway service of engineer), IRSME (Indian railway service of mechanical engineer), IRSEE (Indian railway service of electrical engineer), IRSSE (Indian railway service of signal service) and IRSS (Indian railway store service).
  • The recruitment procedure for the IRMS will be decided in consultation with the Department of Personnel Training and Union Public Service Commission.
  • Renaming of Indian Railway Medical Service into Indian Railway Health Service in order to avoid confusion in the names. 
  • Now, Chief of the railway board will be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the railway board who will be responsible for the whole cadre.
  • The number of members in the board has been reduced from 7 to 4 with some independent members.
  • These four members are responsible for managing the railway Infrastructure, Operations & Business Development, Rolling Stock and Finance respectively.
  • A 2-day conference “Parivartan Sangoshthi’ was organized where this merger, as well as the management reforms, were decided. 
  • Unification of services has been recommended by various committees for reforming Railways including – the Prakash Tandon Committee (1994), Rakesh Mohan Committee (2001), Sam Pitroda Committee (2012) and Bibek Debroy Committee (2015). 

Other orders: 

  • The govt has announced to invest Rs 50 lakh crore in Railways over the next 12 years. 

Month: Current Affairs – December 2019 

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