UNESCO released a new report  ‘Intensified Attacks, New Defences  Developments in the Fight to Protect Journalists and End Impunity’ 

🗓️ 06th November 2019

UNESCO has released a new report ‘Intensified Attacks, New Defences – Developments in the Fight to Protect Journalists and End Impunity’. 

Key facts about the report: 

  • The report covers a period of 5 years from 2014-18. 
  • The report mentions that there has been close to 500 journalists being killed. On an average 2 journalists are killed every week. 
  • There has been an 18% increase in the number of killings, as compared to the preceding five-year period (2009-2013). 91% of the victims were local journalists. 
  • Region-Wise: Arab Region witnessed the killings of 149 journalists which is the highest number followed by Latin America and the Caribbean with 127 killings and Asia-Pacific with 120 killings. 
  • Nation Wise:  
  • Highest –– Syrian Arab Republic country witnessed the highest killing of 54 journalists 
  • India –– is ranked at 7th position with the killing of 22 journalists among the top 10 countries. India is preceded by Brazil which witnessed 23 killings. 
  •  Lowest –– total of 19 countries had the lowest number of killing at 1. 
  • Judicial Action: 88% of cases of killings of journalists remain unresolved worldwide. 
  • Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and OHCHR in 2017 agreed for establishing a Joint Action Mechanism to Contribute to the Protection of Human Rights Defenders in the Americas, which also covers journalists.  

Are there any Journalist Indices? 

A. Committee to Protect Journalists list of top 10 countries in press censorship 

  • According to the latest list of top 10 countries in press censorship, released by US-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), Eritrea is the world’s most censored country. 

Top 10 countries:  


North Korea 


Saudi Arabia 




Equatorial Guinea 






B. Reporters Without Borders – Freedom of Press Index 2019 

  • In the month of April, Reporters Without Borders released its World Press Freedom Index 2019, which ranked India at 140th, two positions down from 2018 (138). 
  • Norway ranked 1st in the index and Turkmenistan ranked the last 180th. 
  • The index is based on the following six indicators – Pluralism, Media independence, Environment and self-censorship, Legislative framework, Transparency, Infrastructure and Abuses. 


C. Committee to Protect Journalists’ – Global Impunity index 2019  

  • Committee to Protect Journalists has released the Global Impunity index 2019 which highlights the countries where journalists are killed and the offenders go free (Impunity refers to exemption from an injurious punishment). 
  • Top Ranker –– Somalia (as the world’s worst country for the fifth year in a row in term of prosecuting murderers of journalists) 
  • Bottom Ranker –– India at 13th (preceded by its neighbour Bangladesh at 10th position and BRICS cohort – Brazil at 11th)  
  • Total Countries –– 13  
  • Parameters –– the total number of unsolved journalist murders as a percentage of each country’s population. The cases registered between 2009-2019, and remain unsolved. 
  • Total Murders and Impunity Rate worldwide –– 318 journalists were murdered and in 86% of those cases no perpetrators have been successfully prosecuted. 

Month: Current Affairs – November 2019 

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